I saw this pop up on a few peoples facebooks today. Its mildly amusing I guess. People are digging it, ragging on the 'younger generation', saying all the kids shows now a days pale in comparison to ours, kids have no idea what quality is, and have no common sense. You know... all the stuff our parents said to us.

I want to cover a few things first. Regarding the glorification of the 'good old days', and nostalgia. People don't seem to realize that the reason we think kids shows now a days suck, is (Ready to be shocked) because we aren't kids.
If I was 10 years old, I'd probably watch the shit out of 'Ben 10'. Fuck, based on my interest, Amazon.ca is constantly recommending it to me on DVD.
We enjoyed our cartoons when we were kids, because all kids are retarded. We like stupid crap, and the only reason most of us don't realize it was stupid crap, is because we don't remember it all that well. Like I said when talking about 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles', most people haven't seen the cartoon in like... 15 years. You don't care about the cartoon, you care about your memories of the cartoon.

I'm very in touch with my inner child, not in a creepy way, but in a geeky way. I still watch my old favourite cartoons from time to time. And some of them hold up, I still very much enjoy G1 Transformers, 'Real Ghostbusters', 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles', and 'X-men'. I own them on DVD, or at least a season or two. And not because of pure nostalgia, but because these cartoons, hold up for me. I still enjoy them. And I also like some modern cartoons, like 'Avengers: Earths Mightest Heroes', or 'Young Justice'. I watch them weekly, and I enjoy them thoroughly.
Then there is 'He-Man and The Masters of the Universe'... I loved that cartoon when I was younger. I was constantly playing 'He-man' all the time. I learned to read through 'Masters of the Universe' books. I used to have them all, but I lost most of them through time. And the cartoon, was so epic and action packed! It was awesome... Until I reviewed a few episodes of the series, and realized it was awful. It was crap. One of our childhoods BIGGEST icons, sucked...
Anyway, I'm getting off topic, like usual.
I mostly want to talk about the main idea of that poster up above. 'Kids just don't have no common sense now a days'. Hmm... Well lets look at few things, like what is common sense? The idea of common sense is that, there are things that are apart of 'common experience', that become common sense.
It is common sense that you don't cover your hand in lighter fluid, and set a match to it, right?
Cause fire burns, we learn this pretty easily. We either are told repeatedly, don't put your hand in fire or you'll burn yourself, OR we do it and get burned.
A harsh lesson learned. Fire fucking hurts. Suspend your disbelief for a moment, and tell me... what would someone in a culture thats never encountered fire do, if they saw an open flame for the first time? They'd look at it, and probably think, 'Whats that?... kind of wonder what it taste like.'
Of course before they got that flame near their mouth, they'd be burned, because FIRE FUCKING HURTS.
Is this man a retard, for not having the 'common sense' to not eat fire? Or is that just not part of his 'common sense'? Cause I bet he knows a few things you don't.
'Common sense' is over blown. Since it assumes their is a common experience, our lives are closely related, but common sense does not extend beyond our natural experiences. Everything else is learned! Something may be common with in your community, or your home, but not to EVERYONE, because we all have different experiences.
Some kids know not to bug daddy when hes drinking, I mean, its common sense right? You'll get smacked. Or, its common sense that you don't swim in 'Little Lake', because well... the waters dirty, how do the tourist not know that? And it is common sense that you look for land mines when you walk into a rice field... I mean? You'd be stupid not to... Do you see what I'm getting at?
So are kids retarded? No. They're inexperienced, because they have not experienced a hell of a lot.

To get back to the poster again. The majority of the Road Runner cartoons were made between 1949-1966. In which case, this cartoon technically isn't from our generation, its from most of our parents generation. And to delve deeper into that... When those cartoons aired, there was a different idea of what 'common sense' was.
Back in the 1950's George Reeves played Superman. During his live appearances, Superman... I mean George. Would be punched, kicked and legend has it, almost shot by kids, who were confused about who he really was. Because to them, it was 'common sense' that if someone is constantly saying “I'm superman!” he must REALLY be Superman. And in the 60's cartoon, you may notice that the 'Fantastic Four' consisted of, Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, The Thing, and Herbie the robot.
A lack of 'Human Torch', why? Well... the tv executives were concerned that kids would cover themselves in gasoline and flame themselves on. Which would be a problem, because as I've discussed twice already FIRE FUCKING HURTS!
Really though, if you want to break it all down. There is nothing retarded about our generation, or the generation below us... Its our parents generation, they're retarded.


Hahaha that was awesome! I completely agree with you Conner. I remember back in the day when I would imitate the cartoons and I'd end up getting hurt or in trouble. Maybe the next generation who is watching much less violent cartoons will end up a little smarter... Or lack a little of that 'common sense' from getting hurt by fire. I guess we will find out.
Its also very true about the older cartoons that while some held up others are awful. There's no doubt you can't beat bugs bunny, everybody loves it. But some of the older cartoons that people say are better than the ones now based on nostalgia are very wrong. Sure I don't like them now but as a kid I'd probably like them, doesn't mean they are wrong or I am, just means I'm not part of there generation. They will think we are dumbasses and vise versa. And probably the same goes with our parents.
And about the picture, I'm sure if you looked at statistics based on child injuries and correlated it with the safety concerned trend in cartoons you would see a decline in injuries. Just a hunch but it would make sense to me.


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