Coinciding with the premier of "THE RETURN" I've decided to write a short blog post explaining something that will become apparent, as soon as you set eyes on the return. 

I am not an artist. I am a competent doodler. This is something I've struggled with most of my life. I've attempted to do art, I've tried to bring aspects of art into my doodling... But the sophistication of it all, alludes me to this day.

I have however come to terms with my doodling. I no longer fight the doodles, I embrace my doodles. Which is what everyone who puts a pencil to paper should do. Don't pretend you're Jack Kirby, don't attempt to immolate Jim Lee, just accept your style and strengthen it. Not saying don't learn from your favorite artist, I'm just saying let yourself be reflected in what you create.

For years when I was younger, going back to the 90's, I attempted to immolate the wispy, jagged lines of Todd McFarlane, later on, it was the angular art of Akira Toriyama (Yes the creator of Dragon Ball). In doing this, I learned a great deal. My art was never exactly 'right' though. It always had a strange look to it I found. And I never really liked it.

So I let go of my inspiration, and I just doodled. And I can still see piece's of other artist in my work, but now its truly mine. Its simple, its not overly complex, or even aw inspiring. You will not look at anything drawn by me and have your mind blown. But! you'll understand what you're looking at, you'll understand whats happening, all because I am a competent doodler.