This is really important, this is serious, they are doing something insanely noble. BUT! There is a few things people will have to realize and accept if they are to capture Kony.

1. Capturing him wont mean peace. Capturing Kony will mean violence. A military force wont just knock down his door and arrest him. There will be a fight, cause Kony has an army. An army that does include children. Which brings the next point.

2. Capturing Kony will mean killing child soldiers. These kids are highly damaged individuals, they are not like any children you've ever seen before. They aren't going to recognize salvation, they are going to shoot at who ever is sent to capture Kony. Its important that we all realize, and accept this. Because in any other conflict we'd turn on the soldiers that kill children. And we cant its a harsh reality.

3. War crimes will be committed BY both sides. The moment a soldier is captured and mutilated by one of Koney's men, is the moment that the “good guys” will earn their quotations. Of course whatever crimes are committed by the “good guys” will probably be wiped away by victors justice.

4. Capturing Kony will not be the end, its just the beginning. His capture wont mean a magical ending, it'll mean YEARS of conflict. Because chances are they wont be able to capture all of Kony's senior officers. Plus there is the children, what about them afterwords? Is the situation simply going to be “Ok we cut off the lump, walk it off. What? Stitches? Be a man!” Cause these kids are going to need a very different type of aid in the end. Maybe send in Psychologist without Borders?

At the end of this all, I was left with thoughts of Romeo Dallaire. He has a similar program called 'Zero Force'. I'm curious to see if 'Zero Force' will work along with 'Invisible Children'. And if, or when, The Canadian Government will get involved. Because like Mrs. Lovejoy always said.

Also, is it just me, or does Jospeh Kony look a little like Carl Weathers in Predator?

Why couldn't they just use the knock out gas?


That's a very good question. And the answer is because knock out gas as seen in films and television doesn't actually work that way, just like tranquilizer darts.

Knock out gas has to be administered properly based on the individual person. Two little will have no effect, to much will actually be lethal. This was actually attempted in a Russian hostage crises.

The other thing is the combat would be outdoors, where gas is uncontrollable. Its possible they may use tear gas, but tear gas wouldn't stop them from shooting. Just from seeing who they are shooting, which could be more dangerous.


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