Number 5

“Where do I even get comics?”

The answer to this may seem obvious. You get comics, at a comic shop. Here is a little confession. I have never bought a comic book from a comic shop. I've bought from book stores, flea markets, venders, and convince stores. But 90% of my comics have come from the internet. is my comic book provider. I bought from Amazon because I come from a small town where there was no Comic shop. And its just so simple to put my list together months in advance, and place my order when it comes around.

Number 6.

'I don't even know what comics I'd like.'

Did you watch 'the Dark Knight', and did you enjoy it as much as I think you did? Then... why not read Batman? Here is the thing, YOU KNOW these characters, YOU KNOW their origins. You know from years of watching the cartoons, and seeing the movies, that Peter Parker was bit by a radioactive spider. You already know what you'll like as far as super heroes are concerned.

But if you're into horror stories, or scifi, what do you read? This is where I give you... recommendations.


If you're interested in horror stories, I recommend, well... 'Walking Dead'. Most of you have probably seen the show, so... why not read the comic? Its different, and in my opinion better then the show. Or check out, though it may be hard to find, Bryan Johnson's 'Karny'. Its creepy, and funny at the same time.

If you're interested in good old straight up crime stories, I recommend 'Frank Millers Sin City', in particular, volume 7 'Hell and Back' its my personal favorite.
Or, the anthologyish series, '100 bullets'. The plot of '100 bullets' is simply cool. The mysterious Agent Graves approaches people that have been wronged in some way, and hands them a pistol and 100 untraceable bullets. He then instructs them that they may get revenge on those that wronged them, with zero consequence. '100 Bullets' is in the process of being collected in large deluxe hard covers.
I also here great things about Jason Aarons 'Scalped', which I have yet to read.

If you want a hardcore crime series, check out Garth Ennis's 'Punisher Max.' Its awesome, start with 'Punisher Born' and move onto 'In the beginning' These a HIGHLY mature books. Not for kids. If you want a more super hero oriented book, I recommend either Greg Rucka's Punisher series, which has just released its first hard cover.

Super hero books, are what we first think when we hear comics. Like I said before, DC has relaunched its universe with the New 52. If you want to get into any of the DC characters, now is the time. Marvel is a little more complicated.
My current Marvel recommendations, are Greg Rucka's Punisher, Mark Waid's 'DareDevil' and Jason Aaron's 'Wolverine'. Other then that, there is a ton of big events at marvel you can pick from. 'House of M', 'Civil War' ect. You can pick them up, and read them as just epic block busters if you like. Or of course, go back and read some Essential volumes. Just start with volume 1 of what ever an read.

If you want more detailed recommendations, I'll be happy to give them. But I'm willing to bet there is a lack of interest in this topic, so next blog post we'll just move on to my old regular stuff. Until then, please, pick up a comic, and give it a try.


I recently made a post about reasons to read comics. I was looking at the other websites to see if I have missed something. I do know already that I should make a stand-alone post about variety in comics. Most of the posts I saw were centred about USA superheroes, which are for children, which are darker for adults. Kinda laughable. At least you gave the crime and horror stories.

The superheroes comics are the ones people usually refer to? Great I've grew up in Europe, reading Thorgal, Tintin, Asterix, and some Polish comics, which aren't about superheroes. Nowadays, with so many manga/manhwa/manhua not everybody refers always to superheroes when they hear "comic". I guess most people in Japan/China/South Korea don't think about superheroes when they think "comic". Not to mention you omitted social-issues/historical comics. Kinda lame you omitted "serious" topics but just decided on the brutality/vulgarity for adults. Why do you seriously think teenagers will all like superheroes comics? It's kinda sad you had so little to recommend. I know that you probably won't be reading it any longer, and you don't care about this blog. I'm writing it for the other people who can find your post in the search engine.
Hey, people. There's more to comics that he wrote!


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