I haven't watched last nights episode yet, but I'm aware of what happens. I've read the comics, so I already know the gist of whats going to happen in the series as a whole. So I'm fine with spoilers for that reason. Plus, I want to know the spoilers, so when I watch it, my annoyance is lessened by having prior knowledge of the changes they've made.

I'm by no means an adaption purist. Being a fan of comics, I CAN'T be. If I was, I'd never be able to enjoy a super hero movie. Besides, in some cases I think the changes are better.

Examples? '30 Days of Night' is a lot better then the comic. You see, they did the smart thing. They looked at the source material they had, and improved on it! Sure they made some strange changes (Why'd they change Stella to a fire marshal??) but they weren't crucial to the story, and didn't hamper it at all, as a whole.

Or how about 'KICK-ASS'. I didn't read the comic because it didn't appeal to me, but I loved the movie. Because they changed it by fixing the 'mistakes' that were made in the comic. (The term mistake is used based on my own personal opinion). Example, in the comics Bigdaddy isn't a cop with a dead wife. In the comics he just ditched his wife, and lies about being a cop. HitGirl? In the comics her dad gives her a super chemical to make her stronger!... called cocain.

Those changes made it way better, in my opinion. But what about 'The Walking Dead'? The changes must be for the better right?! I mean its great!
The first episode of 'The Walking Dead' was PERFECT! Not only did it follow the source material, it improved on it. Adding more time with Morgan and his Son, and expanding on the action. It was excellent!

Then the second episode... It got kind of weird... Instead of just meeting Glen, he meets a whole slew of characters. Some of them I immediately recognized, others I was confused about. Why was Brandies dad there?... And 'T-Dog'?!... Someone got payed, to name a grown man, 'T-Dog'? Wait... was he supposed to be Tyrese?

They also swapped events around a little, but no big deal! They get to camp and... Who the fuck are these people? Oh, I'm sure they're just cannon fodder! There's no way a character named 'T-Dog' can be allowed to live long (sigh).

Slowly the season went on, and slowly my excitement for each episode died. But my favourite moment in the early issues of the series was totally going to be a season one closer for sure! Its so awesome, how could they not, end with it! Episode 6 will probably reflect that pivotal events of issue 6 perfectly!

Taken from Walking Dead Wiki Issue 6:
Shane then points his gun at Rick, and is about to shoot him when Carl shoots Shane in the neck. Shane dies choking on his own blood. The book ends with Carl saying: "It's not the same as killing the dead ones, daddy", and Rick replying, "It never should be, son, It never should be."

But it didn't happen... Instead they turn the fucking series into a cartoon! A super science lab programed with artificial intelligence, and a self destruct sequence? Did that not seem off to anyone else?

The argument for the CDC episode is the writers felt that the audience needed to be spoon fed a reason
for the zombies, or at least given some kind of scientific talk about it.

“No one will just ACCEPT that zombies are reality in this fictional universe! We have to give some kind of realistic explanation! With a self destruct count down!”

And to make it worse. Its a huge fucking plot hole. Why would the scientist save all their lives from the walkers... just so he can blow them up? And that Mexican family that decides not to go with them to CDC...Was that supposed to be the Allen, Donna and the Twins? If so... what about their pivotal future story line?

That episode almost killed the series for me. I was willing to just wash my hands of it, and go back to the comic. BUT I gave the second season a chance. There was no way it could get worse the CDC, it could only be up hill from there. Plus I needed to see T-Dog die.

The season was, kind of up, and down. Really I was fine they didn't kill Shane as soon as they did in the comics. The character deserved some room to breath, and grow. Building up his death would only make Carl shooting him so much sweeter.

But the big problems with this past season... T-Dog aside, was the character development. The two strong female characters, Lori and Andrea were reduced to slut bitches.

Lori in the comics made a one time mistake with Shane. In the show he was ploughing her up and down the forest, like squirrel in heat. In the comic Lori is sympathetic, you understand why she did it, you understand that she would never do it again. Lori's a likable character in the comics.

Andrea, joy fucking Shane in the car is another case of sluttin up the ladies on the show. I hate when deep characters are turned to shallow shells. The moment she fucked Shane was the moment that I realized she wouldn't be falling in love with Dale.

Thats right. In the comics Dale and Andrea fall in love. Age difference be damned. Their love story is one of the major highlights in the comic. It feels genuine. Two people in the ashes of the world, who have experienced equal loss, find one another, and the will to go on. Its wonderful. Its... not happening in the show.

Then there is another big change. Darrel. Darrel is a character made for the show. Darrel could be considered an improvement, cause people love him. I'm not a huge fan, stock badass wore out on me when I was 15. But his budding relationship with Carol will only disrupt future plot lines with her character.
She contributes, what I consider one of the creepiest moments in the comic. A moment that truly shows how the world has changed socially, beyond Zombies.

The Walking Dead seems to have chipped away at aspects of the comic, that in the future, will have a great effect on the story lines and character developments. The more they take a way, the more they will be required to come up with 'original' stories. Which has always been the shows greatest down side!

Meaning this trend of deviation from the source material, will not only continue, but worsen. Its my understanding that they changed the nature of Shane's death in last nights episode, as well as killed off a major character (While allowing T-Dog to live).

Deviating from the source material is okay, but only when its for the better. And though some of the changes to the series have been for the better... the majority are things like, swapping characters from the comics for... T-Dog, or going out of the way to sever future plot threads.

Which is my issue with 'The Walking Dead'. Its not that its different, but that its not as good. Is the show bad? Nah, not really. Is it better then the comics? Never. Which is a shame, cause adapting something to a new medium, is like getting a do over. Its to bad they've wasted it on things like T-Dog and the CDC.


It is pure insanity, that they didn't take up Tom Savini's offer to play the Governor. Not only does he look like the Governor! He just so happens to be TOM FUCKING SAVINI! If you don't know who Tom Savini is by name. Here is a picture, (compared to the Governor).

If you don't recognize him from his picture, then... you aren't watching enough Zombie movies. And if you're wondering who the Governor is... You should see him in season 3 of the walking dead.

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