I've been to busy to write, and haven’t been home at the right time to post any cartoons. So I'm taking some time to bust something out for you guys. Its an inside scope that may shock you...

I haven't seen 'The Amazing Spider-man' yet. I wasn't even a sure what day it came out. But I have seen 'TED'. I loved it, Seth MacFarlane's transition to film is a step in the right direction. 'TED' smacks you with the laughs and doesn't stop... Plus, Ralph Garman is in it!
Why would a comic fan opt out of a comic book movie to see something about a talking Teddy Bear? Well... Ralph Garman isn't in 'The Amazing Spider-Man' for starters. Yes it has Emma Stone and Dennis Leary, but again... no Garman. (And if they wanted to, they could totally shoe horn him in there).
Second, I was against a reboot of Spider-Man from day one. I remember they had JUST announced that Sam Raimi and the cast was returning for Spider-Man 4, then a week later we see the announcement that they'll be doing a complete reboot of the film series.
My problem was it was WAY to soon to reboot, also I like my movie series to move forward not backward. You may think, well of course they rebooted, Spider-Man 3 was awful!... Awfully successful. Now I know a lot of people hated it, but to hate it, they had to see it... Which means they paid money to see it. It made a shit ton.
I personally think 'Spider-Man 3' isn't as bad as everyone else thinks it is. Honestly when I ask people what they didn't like about it they have to arguments that they like to use. The first is his 'emo' haircut, second is this:

Which... okay, its cheesy, why does the cheese of the first two movies get a pass, but the cheese in 3rd is to much? I'm not saying 'Spider-Man 3' is a good movie, its pacing is painful, and they tried to bash in to much shit into a single film. But 'Spider-Man 4' could have won everyone back easy. It would just require Sam Raimi toning down his zanyness, and Sony's producers meddling hands.
But they decided to reboot. I said from the start that if they get more of Spidy's personalty right in 'The Amazing Spider-Man' it may be better. But then I saw the trailer and the Lizard who is one of my top 5 favourite Spider-Man villians design is kind of lame, and the tone looks like its trying to be to dark, and just looks... meh to me.
I never read much Spider-Man really dug J. Michael Straczynski (Pronounced Stra-...I don't know to be honest), but it wasn't until I picked up some Essential Volumes of Spider-Man that I got really into him. A lot of people (who don't actually read comics, but possess some comic book common knowledge) like to say, “But Amazing Spider-Man follows the comics more closely! Gwen Stacy! Gwen Stacy!” Well... with a slightly more educated opinion, I have to say... This movie based on the trailer looks like it deviates just as far away from the comics as the Raimi movies.
A prediction I made after seeing the trailer a few months ago was they'll gloss over Spider-Man's origins (The death of Uncle Ben) and Uncle Ben will die AFTER Peter has become a crime fighting Spider-Man.

This was my plot outline based on the trailer. A gloomy Peter Parker finds out some info about his parents who are scientist for Oscorp and decides to go talk to their old friend Doc Connors.
Arriving at the lab he sees Doc Connors working on a solution to regrow lost limbs. Peter with info from his parents old paper work helps finish the equation and results in creating the Lizard.
Peter wanders around the lab and gets bit by a radioactive spider, blah, blah, blah.
Peter starts using his Spider powers to try and solve the mystery of his parents deaths, and ends up getting the attention of Captain Stacy whose personalty has been swapped for J. Jonah Jameson. This gives us the 'Dark Knight' the police want to put down the vigilante shit. Giving Spider-Man a little 'edge'.
I believe Peter becomes Spider-Man before the death of uncle Ben because of the scene where Peter is having dinner with the Stacy's and discussing Spider-man... But Gwen also says, “Peter lives with his aunt and uncle... so being Spider-Man and still having a uncle kind of takes away from his origin of “With great power comes great responsibility.” But who knows. This could just be a editing thing. Its just in the trailers format how it appears.
Doc Connors becomes the Lizard and Peter realizing he helped create the formula feels he's responsible to stop the Lizard... then you guessed it, he does. After stopping the Lizard, Peter is about to quit being Spider-Man, but uncle Ben gets killed! And he realizes he has to stay Spider-Man.

But thats just how it appeared to me from watching the trailer and over analyzing it. Anyway, I need to get dressed, I'm going to go see Amazing Spider-Man. When I get back, I'll tell you what I think, and see if my plot guess is right.

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